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The Fifth Witness
Publication Date : 4/5/2011
Publisher : Hachette Book Group USA
Language : ENG
ISBN : 9780316150934
Synopsis : Mickey Haller has fallen on tough times. He expands his business into foreclosure defense, only to see one of his clients accused of killing the banker she blames for trying to take away her home. Mickey puts his team into high gear to exonerate Lisa Trammel, even though the evidence and his own suspicions tell him his client is guilty. Soon after he learns that the victim had black market dealings of his own, Haller is assaulted, too, and he's certain he's on the right trail.
File Size : 4.62 MB
Text to Speech Enabled
Audience : General Adult

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*Starred Review* Crime-fiction megastar Connelly can always be counted on to try something a little different. In The...


Just in time for his movie debut this spring, Connelly brings back the Lincoln Lawyer for a satisfying case that pits...

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